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My Interview on Blog Talk Radio

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Hello friends!  Just wanted to let you all know about my recent interview on Blog Talk Radio with Peg Stookey of The Legacy Center.   Click the play button above to listen to my interview or click the link below.

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Wills vs. Revocable Living Trusts – What Do You Need?

Revocable Trusts Avoid Guardianship and Probate By Julie Garber, Guide A question that I’m often asked as an estate planning attorney is “How do I know if I need a trust instead of a will?” Many people assume that Revocable

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What Are Your Power of Attorney’s Powers After You Die?

Sorry, this is a trick question, but it comes up frequently. Here’s the scenario: mom or dad has recently passed away and the son or daughter, who is named as the parent’s agent in a power of attorney and executor

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Celebrity Estates Gone Awry

Messy Fight Expected Over Singer Jenni Rivera’s Estate By Julie Garber, Guide Back on December 9, 2012, the private jet that was carrying Mexican-American banda singerJenni Rivera crashed near a ranch in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.  The two pilots

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What is Estate Planning?


What is Estate Planning? Estate Planning Basics: Planning for Disability and Death By Julie Garber, Guide   What is estate planning? In simple terms estate planning involves both planning for the possibility of mental incapacity and planning for certain death. Estate Planning

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Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Probate

Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Probate Avoiding Probate Makes Sense For Most People By Julie Garber, Guide Over the years I’ve heard and read the comments about why probate “really isn’t that bad” and doesn’t “cost that much” or “take too long.”

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Do You Need to File an Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts, Form 1041, For Your Revocable Living Trust?

Do You Need to File an Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts, Form 1041, For Your Revocable Living Trust? By Julie Garber, GuideApril 11, 2012 ! It’s that time of the year again – time for me to write

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Estate Planning Letter to Your Family

Letter to My Family Dear ________________, Date_________ As we have discussed, you should use this letter (which is not to be misconstrued as my Will) after my death or serious disability to serve as a reminder about a number of

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